These connections have been developed over many years, even decades on
very diverse ways of artistic collaboration – and the threads are newly knotted
in this exhibition:

Susanne Ahner, Berlin D                           Ulrike Åkesson, Båstad S

Vittore Baroni, Lucca I                               Terry Berkewitz (house), NYC USA

Marie Luise Birkholz, Berlin D                  Lena Eriksson, Basel CH

Sharon Chin, Kuala Lumpur MAL            César Figueiredo, Porto P

   Sebastian Hagenow, Berlin D                   Jenny Just, Berlin D

Reiko Kammer, Berlin D                           Konrad Karcher, Berlin D

Pip McManus, Alice Springs AUS             Jerome Ming, currently Warschau PL

Varsha Nair, Bangkok T                            Thomas Ness, Berlin D

Mogens Otto Nielsen, Hjallerup DK        Ann Noel, Berlin D

  Maritta Nurmi, Hanoi VN                          Judy Freya Sibayan, Manila RP

Exhibition project with my Baskets of Experience woven since 2001 and
contributions of 20 artist friends – developed and installed with Varsha Nair,
Jerome Ming and Matthias Roch, illuminated by Sebastian Hagenow.
Museum Pankow, Berlin June 2016