Baskets of ExperienceEnglish, because created somewhere in the world (which finally stood open)
organic objects connected with concrete places and woven with their newspapers
integrated personal lines of those who sat down and wrote what moved them –
visible but unreadable …

a project that showed all objects together first time
(in interaction with works by twenty collaborating artists)
Museum Pankow, Berlin June 2016


some of the baskets in the exhibition hall:

female vessel, Boon Bandan T

transit vessel, Ramitzow D

toxic vessel, Kashubia PL

excreting vessel, Berlin D

longing vessel, Kochin IND

pounding vessel, NYC USA

straightening vessel, Kairo ET

weeping vessel, Hanoi VN

tasting vessel, Dublin IRL

hurrying vessel, Santiago de Chile RCH

knowing vessel, Lofoten NO

trembling vessel, Grauenhagen D