Memorial for the victims of the detention facility Prenzlauer Allee of the Soviet secrete service NKWD and the
GDR Ministry of State Security (Stasi) – acrylic band with engraved questions about detention and torture,
directed into the past and present, Berlin 2005

who disappeared at the cellar ?
who closed the iron door ?
how cold was the wall ?
what felt the shorn head ?
what lit the naked bulb ?
what was the weight of uncertainty ?
where sat the angst ?
how passed a day ?
how much silence could bear the ear ?
what said the whispered words ?
when did a poem help ?
where did the first strike hit ?
how did they cover their wounds ?
who heared the screaming at night ?
who noticed the shaddows behind the windows ?
who saw the brikked cellar-hatches ?
why ?
who searched for the disappeared ?a
how big was the fear from one‘s own words ?
how do we know ?
when was the body filled with apathy ?
how was the taste of a sip form the bowl ?
when came the hunger ?
where was the places of the tiolet bucket ?
what was the value of a crumb of sugar ?
how long was a day without light ?
how many nails lookes out of the plank bed ?
how did they find sleep ?
shots ?
who survived ?
where then ?
when did the men weep ?
when did the brooding stop ?
hope for what ?
what did they know?
from where do we know ?
who wants to know ?