After all agreements are broken, all the news consumed, all limits exceeded, it is still
and again a need to move hand, heart and mind to touch the volatile particles of reality:
to see, to read, to layer, to illuminate, to touch, to doubt, to question, to doubt, to smile at,
to share, to sort out, to cleanse, to bundle, to stretch, to tear, to link up, to tense up, to nurture,
to saturate, to interpret, to translate – to condense.

knots and knot-texts from five continents for the project transpORTale along suburban line S2, Berlin 2003 – some contributions:

from left to right and from top to bottom:
Aung Myint – Myanmar, Carol Stetser – USA, Diana Durrand – Canada, Dörte Conroy – Australia,
Gillian Rosselli – Zimbabwe, Granete Ngirandi – Zimbabwe, György Galantai – Hungary, Kim Kerze – Australia,
Montri Teomsombat – Thailand, Nilofar Akmut – Pakistan, Ruth Cohn – Israel, Sergei Bardin – Russia