exhibition castle Plüschow D 1992 und text for the exhibition 2006


wall-text (with golden letters as counterpart to the deserted veil of empty plastic-wrappings)
at the exhibition Duel with Tracy Mackenna, Henry Moore Insitute Leeds GB 1996


installation und texts at Mayne, Provence F 1996


words of forest (in golden letters) as part of the installation in spiritu silvae germanicae, Alvar Aalto Museum Jyväskylä FIN 1996


hundred of sixty-thousend (drawings of Finnish lakes pricked with letters, cut out from devalued documents)
to the exhibition Keskus-Mitte Finnland-Berlin, House at Kleistpark Berlin 1992


INVITATION, interactive installation at the exhibition …ge.walt…..en, Bürgerhaus Grünau, Berlin 1992
(the letters brought along fight the text of violence and if completely thex would formulate encouragement)