The memorial site for the former detention Rummelsburg is located on the central green.
Metallic benches such as bed-like structures are placed here. Their lying surface is perforated by words.
They give no explanation, rather raise questions, provoke thought, ask for sympathy.
Against the hard structures are set user-friendly, warm, wooden park benches.



The use of the individual prison buildings has shifted again and again. Therefore, a form is proposed
for marking
which suggests these displacements as in an evil game in the same frame.
The panels are fixed in front of the gables of the houses. So they are not standing at the doorstep
of the young families, who moved in and are guarantors of the overcoming of the historical inevitability indeed.

Contribution to the invited competition Memorial Place Rummelsburg,
developed with Sebastian Hagenow, Berlin 2014
(not realized)