female vessel

Khun Pikul Deelong-Ngam taught me to weave baskets out of old
newspapers on a farm in the jungle of Thailand. Declined news gains
growing information value. My hands give them the shape of organs.
They are interwoven with tales of bodily experiences of those people
who are directly involved or passing by. Their contribution is handwritten,
remains visible, but is not readable. Each basket is related to the place
where it is woven and where the newspapers come from.

started 2001 during the workshop Womanifesto, Thailand – ongoing

toxic vessel

pounding vessel, NYC USA

trembling vessel, Grauenhagen D

absorbing vessel, Odessa UA

digesting vessel, Glasgow UK

weeping vessel, Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh VN

longing vessel, Kochin Kerala IN

excreting vessel, Berlin D

knowing vessel, Lofoten NO

straightening vessel, Kairo ET

hurrying vessel, Santiago de Chile RCH