layer by layer breaks in light
ruined hideout for the truths
spearhead of murderous gigantomania
secession, new secession, free secession

In this room right next to the Brandenburg Gate
– the honourable Academy of Arts showed its exhibitions,
– Hitler saw the gigantic plans of Albert Speer for Berlin,
– Fritz Cremer was protected by the GDR superiors,
– the all-German Academy renewed the building.
Susanne Ahner placed Albert Speer‘s map of new Berlin in the corner and on other walls city maps of the Nazi‘s desired places.
I cut the historical layers of the place into the paper.
Who wanted to read them had to round the column four times …

hanging column of 400 sheets A4, spirally perforated with letters in four types,
Academy of the Arts, Pariser Place (with Susanne Ahner) Berlin 1994