From left to right and from top to bottom: Marcello Diotallevi I, Aimee Lhote F, Horst Hahn D, K.O. USA, Geza Pernetzki H, Joachim Richau D, Clemente Padin U, Sanjot Kaur Sekhon AUS, Ottfried Zielke D, Kees Francke NL, Volker Hamann D, Corpá E, Reiko Kammer D, Seiei Nishimura J, Dmitry Bulatov R, Varsha Nair IND, Julien Blaine F, Dagmar Heinrich CH, Constantin Flondor ROM, K.O. USA, Edith Lechtape F, Guillermo Deisler RCH, Morgan O‘Hara USA, César Figueiredo P, Vittore Baroni I, Hans-Rudi Fricker CH, Pamela Lofts AUS, Konrad Karcher D, Mogens Otto Nielsen DK, Joseph W.Huber D, Varsha Nair IND, Ulrike Schmidt D, Karla Sachse D

The universal point expands endless like the digital web around the globe. The fact that modern technology primarily serves the hectic concentration of the capital must not prevent us from using its powers for quite different concentration points. Thirty-two POINTS OF VIEW for the subway station U2 don‘t search for the exotic which melted away in the daily flood of pictures. They appeared from letter exchanges, from long-standing familiarity and cooperation, from intense conversations. They are to be digitized, enlarged, duplicated and cover the two walls and the wide-span ceiling of the station with pictures.

Concept for the subway gallery U2 Alexanderplatz, Berlin 1999
(It could be realized only as catalogue.)