statement, still valid


Interview with Biljana Arandelovic for the book Berlin: Art and the City, Public Art and Urban Memorials in Berlin,
Edition of the Sapienza Universität Rom I 2017


for the journal „Cityart“ parallel to a lecture in the series „Art and Space“, Berlin 2008


Berlin 2007: this text exists only in Englisch – a translation would not be bearable …


memorial page for those mail-artist who died, Berlin 2005


This text was written after the jury sessions over 528 drafts to a Holocaust memorial for Berlin 1995.
(The result was annulled, a new competition with few prominent artists written out. The outcome is the proposal
of Peter Eisermann / Richard Serra. It was realised only by Eisermann because Serra did not want to accept the required changes …
Two small memorials reminding the murdered homosexuals as well as the Sinti and Roma had to be installed separately.)