Clothes are close to the body. Front and back of my old garments
are laid close together now. They do not dress anymore.
But they show up and they show what happened
on their way.

worn clothes, hardened with paste and painted on both sides with acryl,
installed at Artist Court Roofensee (D) 2015, Mogen’s Container
Hjallerup (DK) 2015, Kunst-Platz Lychen (D) 2017


Baskets of Experience

woven like traditional baskets – at different places of the world – with newspapers from there – interwoven with individual reports of
local people –
visibly handwritten but unreadable rolled
the newspaper strips – organic form:

   female vessel, Boon Bandan TH       toxic vessel, Kaschubia PL

   pounding vessel, NYC                         trembling vessel, Grauenhagen D

    absorbing vessel, Czernowitz, UA     weeping vessel, Hanoi VN

   digesting vessel, Glasgow, UK           longing vessel, Kochin Kerala, IN

  excreting vessel, Berlin D                   knowing vessel, Lofoten NO

   straightening vessel, Kairo ET           hurrying vessel, Santiago RCH